I sent the following earlier today but didn't explain my self quite correct
ly so
I'll re-state the problem:

FM7.0 p576 on Win XP
The ?Chapter () TOC? para in my TOC has the tag ?Chapter <$paranum[Se
<$elemtextonly>?, which produces the text ?Overview and Specifications
? in my
PDF file, whereas I want it to read ?Chapter 1  Overview and Specificatio
The formatting is the way I want it in the FM TOC file itself, but it loses
"Chapter X" when printing to PDF.

I thought that having the word ?Chapter? at the beginning of the tag wo
uld have
at least guaranteed that the word ?Chapter? would appear as I wanted it
 to, but
no. I tried changing ?<$paranum[SectTitle]>? to ?<$paranum>? and to
but this had no effect: ant ideas why?

Karen Zorn since wrote that I needed
<$paranum[SectTitle]><$paratext[SectTitle]> but this didn't work either. Th
anyway, Karen.

One other thing I noticed is that when I went to the reference page and tri
ed to
insert the ChapNum variable, the action only resulted in inserting the lett
'a' ?that didn't work, either! (Other variables inserted as you'd expect)
John Bevan

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