David --
   I'd set up ONE book as a "Master Template" with all the settings as
you want them for Paras, Chars, Colors, Variables, etc. Set up the
Master Pages and the assorted generated documents (TOC, IX, LOM, etc.)
as you want them as well. Save it in a special directory and make it
"read only".  Now you can apply the formats to your manuals.  There is a
really useful pair of free plugins from CUDSpan -- one that that allows
you to search for overrides and kill them as needed, another that lets
you clean out unused para/char tags.  EZTools also has some really
useful free plugins as well.  If you are willing to pay, then SYSTEC
GmbH's Toolbox  [www.systec-gmbh.com/toolbox] is the way to go.

Once you've standardized your docs, it should be easier to keep them
that way.

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Hi Daniel, Stuart and Richard,

Thanks for the encouragement and guidance. That is a sizeable
explaination....Daniel ....Thanks once again.

The problem I'm facing deals with using the existing template that we
have in our company.
Over the past few "handovers" from one technical writer to the nexthas
resulted in tweaking of the template here and there. Which has basically
resulted in some of the styles being different in a book or an fm. And I
have a library of ten guides.

e.g. of errors specific to certain guides

Color * definition inconsistent; whereas the other fms of the same book
don't throw this error.
Show / Comment usage inconsistent; whereas all tags have been removed
and comments set to Show All.

Each guide having its various versions of templates. Mind you I am at a
loose end as far as the consistency in presentation is conserned. Some
fms have some styles which have "overrides". Frankly, I am unclear as to
how to changeover to a single template that all guides should use.
Secondly, how I can bring about a single template change.

Is it as easy / difficult as in "certain other software" ???

I have tried to checkout Adobe Training Centers available in New Delhi,
India but found none.

I am glad that we can share knowledge via this group.

Thank you,

David A.Flynn
Technical Writer

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