Hi, Karen:

Just a guess: is it possible that the hyphen in <Heading1-TOP> is the 
problem? Try renaming it with underscore.

>I have a chapter where page 1 ends with a bulleted list, page 2 then starts
>with a Heading (Heading1_TOP), which is the counterpart to Heading1 but
>simply has a Start of 'Top of page'. It looks like so:


>The closing BulletedList tag </BulletedList> comes after the <Heading1-TOP>
>tag on the next page, which is highly illogical. Does anyone know why and if
>it's been fixed in 7.1 or 7.2 as that would give me much needed ammo in my
>quest to upgrade.
>If I change the Heading tag for page 2 to Heading1 with an override to start
>at the top of the page then the XML is generated correctly and the
></BulletedList> tag comes where you'd expect it to. However I want to avoid
>using paragraph overrides.


Peter Gold
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