Hi Annu...

I know of no way to do this other than through a plugin or FrameScript. 
It would be a fairly simple plugin to develop .. if you're interested, 
contact me (or any other plugin developer) off list.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Annu Rantamaki wrote:

>Hi all,
>We'd like to add a condition marker to certain numbered paragraph tags, for 
>instance, to be able to show tables with or without the table title. With the 
>NoTitle condition on, the table title would not show; with the NoTitle off, 
>the table title would be shown.
>Is is possible to type the condition marker to the numering properties in the 
>Paragrah Designer for the table title paragraph tag? If yes, how is it done?
>Many thanks in advance,
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