Hi, Annu:

(Apologies if this is a duplication. I thought I replied to this 
post, but didn't see it appear on the list.)

One approach is to apply a condition to the table title row, to 
show/hide the complete title.

However, if your intent is to control whether or not the autonumber 
appears, but always display the table title text, you have these 

* use two paragraph formats for table titles; a run-in format that 
contains the autonumber, and an "in-column" (normal) format that 
contains the text. Use Edit > Copy Special to place an example of the 
condition on the clipboard, then use Find/Replace > By Pasting to 
find and paste the condition on all instances of the run-in 
paragraph, in a single file, or across a book of files. Show/Hide the 
condition to control the appearance of the autonumbers.

* import one of two templates to control the appearance of the 
autonumbers. One template defines the table title paragraph with 
autonumbering, the other defines it without autonumbering. The 
template can also have condition settings, to accomplish several 
actions at one time, either to a single file or a book of files.


Peter Gold
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At 2:05 PM +0000 2/28/06, Annu Rantamaki wrote:
>Hi all,
>We'd like to add a condition marker to certain numbered paragraph 
>tags, for instance, to be able to show tables with or without the 
>table title. With the NoTitle condition on, the table title would 
>not show; with the NoTitle off, the table title would be shown.
>Is is possible to type the condition marker to the numering 
>properties in the Paragrah Designer for the table title paragraph 
>tag? If yes, how is it done?
>Many thanks in advance,

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