Sorry, John. If it's a paragraph tag, it gets applied to the 
paragraph that holds the frame anchor rather than the 
anchored frame itself. 

Consider the case where you have several frame anchors 
in the same paragraph (perfectly valid, but not good practice). 
Use your technique to select one frame and then apply a 
paragraph tag. You'll then find that the same tag is indicated 
in the status bar as the current paragraph tag regardless of
which frame you now select. A frame anchor is treated like 
a *character*, not a paragraph.

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> >It will if you apply a paragraph style to the anchored 
> >frame. You can do that.
> How? Surely the style is applied to the paragraph that 
> contains the frame's anchor, not to the frame itself?

No...I place the cursor immediately after the anchored frome, then
hold down my shift key as I cursor one space to the left. The whole
anchored from gets selected and appears black. I then slect the
Anchored style.

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