The easiest solution is to set up the EDD to support everything...

In the EDD define something like this:

        Caption, Image


        code for image

Then attach paragraph formatting to the caption however you want, but add a 
prefix of \r to put a line break at the end of the paragraph.

Now you get this:

Figure 1: Some caption\r

The 'end' of the paragraph is now after the anchored frame. The entire 
formatting assigned to the paragraph for caption appears (with numbering etc.) 
before the text the author types.

I've got this working in my DITA template and it's really nice. Even handles 
indents and more correctly. For example, if I need to indent because I have a 
'task' within a 'task' I can do so. I can number then based on context and more.

If anyone on the list is at the DITA conference I'll be showing this exact 
template there as well. If you want to see an example, I may be able to build a 
generic one over the weekend. Let me know...


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Hi, Fred...never said it didn't. After all, it is a paragraph tag, so it must 
be a paragraph. However, in my case, my achored from is designated as "at 
insertion point" and I shrinkwrap all my graphics (esc m p). To me, it doesn't 
matter that it is a paragraph attribute as the graphic is the only thing in the 

--- "Ridder, Fred" <fred.ridder at> wrote:

> Sorry, John. If it's a paragraph tag, it gets applied to the paragraph 
> that holds the frame anchor rather than the anchored frame itself.
> Consider the case where you have several frame anchors in the same 
> paragraph (perfectly valid, but not good practice).

As you said, it isn't good practice.

John Posada
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