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=> corrected version of mail (notes 1 and 2)

Trying to automate the generation of formatted citations with EndNote, I come 
across a real  
obstacle in FrameMaker: FrameMaker does not recognise the following glyphs as 
in Find with Wildcard ? or * : 

? Latin Small Letter Eth 
? Latin Capital Letter S With Caron 
? Latin Capitl Letter Eth 
? Latin CapitalLetter Y With Acute 
? Latin Small Letter Y With Acute 
? Latin Small Letter thorn 
? Latin Capital Letter thorn 
? Latin Small Letter S With Caron 

In contrast, these glyphs are recognised as punctuation with the wild card 
character | 

With the WildCard sequence \[\[*|*|*\]\] i can find the following temporary 
references (created  
by EndNote. The names are mostly  artificial): 
   [[LaBont?, 1989 #11]] 
   [[M?ller, 1925 #13]] 
   [[??l???,  #26]]             Note 1 
   [[Du?an?s?d?r?,  #24]] 
   [[Preu?ler 1993,  #27]] 
but not these: 
   [[?ander?ore 1990,  #27]] 
   [[W?tek 1921,  #27]] 
   [[?orste?ab 1993,  #27]] 
   [[?leegi? 1993,  #27]] 
   [[?????f,  #26]]             Note 2 

Note 1: Found, if the S and/or s caron  are at the begin and end only, since 
regognised as 
Note 2: Not found, since there is an s carin somewhere in the word.

Since I don't know on which position in the string these characters my occur i 
see no chance  
to set up a find pattern.  

Do have any ideas? 

Klaus Daube 
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