As Fred says, this is designed behavior. See Chapter 19, "Hypertext and 
View-Only Documents" of the User Guide, particularly the "Preparing areas 
for becoming active" section. Reading this won't necessarily solve your 
problem, but at least you will understand what is happening.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


Seems like I've found an odd bug with hyperlinks from generated files
when I "print" an unstructured FM book from FM 7.1 to PDF.

I have found that when I print a FM book to PDF, the page numbers in the
TOC and index are automatically converted to hyperlinks in the PDF. The
text of the entry is also converted to a hyperlink. Thus, when I move my
cursor over the entry or page number in the PDF file, it turns from a
hand to a pointer.

However, if the entry's text is not in the default paragraph format for
the entry, this automatic conversion doesn't happen.

For example, if I go to the TOC reference page and change (for example)
the line for the chapter entries so that the page number has a "bold"
character format, the entry is converted to a hyperlink but not the page
number itself.

So if I have the line


(this line has the paragraph tag ChapterTitleTOC)

and I select "<$pagenum>" and apply a character tag (say "Bold"), then
the chapter entries in the TOC look fine, but the page numbers are
converted to hyperlinks in the PDF. The *chapter* number and text are
hyperlinks but not the *page* number.

This also happens if I surround <$pagenum> with a <Bold> tag, for

<$paranum><$paratext><Bold><$pagenum><Default Para Font>

This also happens in index entries.

Anyone seen this before?

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