Seems like I've found an odd bug with hyperlinks from generated files
when I "print" an unstructured FM book from FM 7.1 to PDF.

I have found that when I print a FM book to PDF, the page numbers in the
TOC and index are automatically converted to hyperlinks in the PDF. The
text of the entry is also converted to a hyperlink. Thus, when I move my
cursor over the entry or page number in the PDF file, it turns from a
hand to a pointer.

However, if the entry's text is not in the default paragraph format for
the entry, this automatic conversion doesn't happen.

For example, if I go to the TOC reference page and change (for example)
the line for the chapter entries so that the page number has a "bold"
character format, the entry is converted to a hyperlink but not the page
number itself. 

So if I have the line


(this line has the paragraph tag ChapterTitleTOC)

and I select "<$pagenum>" and apply a character tag (say "Bold"), then
the chapter entries in the TOC look fine, but the page numbers are
converted to hyperlinks in the PDF. The *chapter* number and text are
hyperlinks but not the *page* number.

This also happens if I surround <$pagenum> with a <Bold> tag, for

<$paranum><$paratext><Bold><$pagenum><Default Para Font>

This also happens in index entries.

Anyone seen this before?


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