I tried to search the archives on this one and did not find an answer. I've 
also looked in the FM online Help, and Googled this issue, but have not found a 
solution to the problem. I'm probably missing something really simple, but any 
help would be appreciated. 

System specifications: Unstructured FrameMaker 6.0p405 on Windows XP, SP1

I'm completing the work on templates that someone else created. The templates 
are Marketing documents with a 2-column format. In some cases, writers will 
need a table to straddle both columns of the page. The text must flow above and 
below the table in both columns. Right now, if text starts in Column A and runs 
into a table that straddles both columns across the page, the text that 
continues over from the first column only flows *below* the table; it does not 
flow above the table into the top of Column B. I need for the text to flow 
above and below straddled tables in these documents.

I've tried tweaking the table properties, and the properties of the paragraph 
to which the table is anchored, but I am not having any luck. Any ideas? ?

Heather Shelly

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