Hi, Heather:

If the columns are created from two connected text frames, rather 
than a single text frame with a two-column property, there's no way 
to straddle the columns with a paragraph format, anchored frame, or 

You should be aware that even in a two-column text frame approach, a 
table in the left column that straddles columns forces the text above 
it on a page to flow into the right column, rather than to skip 
"over" the table and continue to the bottom of the column, then on to 
the top of the right column.

Also, a table in the right column that needs to straddle, will move 
to the next page.

Marketing documents often employ creative layout approaches that 
require some manual work and manual maintenance as documents are 


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Shelly, Heather wrote:
>templates are Marketing documents with a 2-column format. In some
>cases, writers will need a table to straddle both columns of the
>page. The text must flow above and below the table in both columns.
>Right now, if text starts in Column A and runs into a table that
>straddles both columns across the page, the text that continues over
>from the first column only flows *below* the table; it does not flow
>above the table into the top of Column B. I need for the text to flow
>above and below straddled tables in these documents.

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