Diane Gaskill wrote: 

> I'm not sure whetehr to call it a bug or not, but it's 
> definitely a known problem.   Anytime there is a character 
> font change in the text of a link in the FM file, the link 
> ends at that point. 

This is _neither_ a "bug" _nor_ a "known problem." To reiterate what
Fred and Rick have said, it's _intended_to_work_this_way_. 

The beginning and end of a hypertext link "hotspot" have to be defined
_somehow_. FM programmers _could_ have required us to insert two markers
for each link, one for the beginning and one for the end. Instead, they
reasoned as follows: "Authors will certainly want to make hotspots
identifiable by color, underlining, or some other formatting change; so
we'll let the extent of the formatting change define the hotspot."

Just to be safe, they also terminated hotspots at the end of the pgf so
that you don't create a 30-page hotspot when you screw up. :-} 

Maybe you don't like the way this works. Maybe you have some other way
of defining the end of a hotspot that you'd prefer (so please enlighten
us; I'm at a loss to think of a better alternative). 

But this is the consciously-chosen functionality, the way it's
_designed_ to work. If you're not sure whether to call it a bug or not,
then you just don't understand. 


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