Since we are blessed to have so many acrobat gurus on this list:

Windows XP
Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0
MS Word 2002

Inherited a Word doc with 143 pages, 2.99 MB that I need to convert to 
PDF. I have done a Save As and renamed to preserve the original and ensure 
that I know it is a Word 2002 doc that I am working with. I have done 
everything I know in my power to get this sucker to convert to a PDF 
-Wwithin Word using both PDFMaker and the Adobe PDF Printer. I have also 
tried from within Adobe Acrobat and no matter what I do, barf, crash, bang 
. ..  I cannot get this document to convert. I get the classic error 
message about flushing offending stack and not producing the PDF.

What should I be looking for/troubleshooting in this otherwise fruitless 



Tammy Van Boening
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Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.
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