Fred, while I can't get into a disagreement over which is the weakest
PDF tool because I intentionally don't go down that path, any printer
driver that uses Adobe PostScript as its engine will generate a PS
file that works (usually works very well) with Distiller. That's the
way Adobe attempts to design their stuff, so that one product works
with another. Like every other software vendor, they have glitches,
but it usually works out to be compatible in the field too.

I've found that the manual two-step of PD file and distillation
usually helps avoid a number of direct-to-distiller glitches.

Your mileage obviously varies, but it works for me, and I don't have
any hestitation in
recommending it when someone else's procedure isn't working...


On 1/14/06, Ridder, Fred <fred.ridder at> wrote:
> Not completely accurate, Art. The weakest PDF tool is PDFWriter,
> which is not an issue here. Both PDFMaker and the Adobe PDF
> printer instance are installed as part of the Adobe Acrobat tool
> suite, and both of them use Acrobat Distiller (although they do it
> "under the hood" or "behind the curtain"). The advantage of the
> PDFMaker tool is that it preserves at least some of the hyperlinks
> from the Word file, although those are often the features that cause
> the kind of problem Tammy reported. But there is no significant
> difference between printing to file using the Adobe PDF driver and
> then explicitly distilling versus simply printing to the Adobe PDF
> printer and letting it automatically pipe the PostScript to Distiller.
> And it's generally bad advice to recommend the use of any printer
> driver other than the Adobe PDF driver when you're making PDF.
> For one thing, that's the single most common cause of losing colors
> in the PDF.
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> Well, your methodology is using the two weakest .pdf tools.
> If you have Distiller, print the Word file to a PostScript printer and
> specify "print to file."
> Then distill it manually to see if that helps.
> Also, the Adobe Acrobat user forum on the Adobe site would probably
> have some helpful info.
> Art
> On 1/11/06, Tammy.VanBoening at
> <Tammy.VanBoening at> wrote:
> > Windows XP
> > Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0
> > MS Word 2002
> >
> > Inherited a Word doc with 143 pages, 2.99 MB that I need to convert to
> > PDF. I have done a Save As and renamed to preserve the original and
> ensure
> > that I know it is a Word 2002 doc that I am working with. I have done
> > everything I know in my power to get this sucker to convert to a PDF
> > -Wwithin Word using both PDFMaker and the Adobe PDF Printer. I have
> also
> > tried from within Adobe Acrobat and no matter what I do, barf, crash,
> bang
> > . ..  I cannot get this document to convert. I get the classic error
> > message about flushing offending stack and not producing the PDF.
> >
> > What should I be looking for/troubleshooting in this otherwise
> fruitless
> > endeavor?
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