Given the high technical level of issues discussed on this list, I feel 
stupid asking this question, but I'm stuck so I'm going to ask anyway! :-)

I'm new to Framemaker, and I have been learning it to create the third 
edition of my book.   On the second edition, the publisher did all the 
production work, so I wrote the whole text (100,000 words) as a single, 
large Word document, using Word Tables, Heading markers, etc.   I've 
imported that original document into Framemaker, and everything came in 
surprisingly well--tables came in in tact, headings came in etc.

However, there is one problem--all the headings are coming in with an 
asterisk in front of them (*Heading1) which I guess means the paragraph 
format is overridden, and the overridden *Heading markers won't show up 
at all in the TOC.  

When I imported the document, I selected "Reformat Using Current 
Document's Formats" and selected "While Importing, Remove Other Format 
Overrides", but the overrides are still there.

As a test, I went through and manually selected a couple headings to 
remove the format overrides, and with that everything showed up in the 
TOC properly, etc.   But there are hundreds of heading markings 
throughout the book, and I really don't want to change them all manually. 

Is there a way to globally remove all the overrides, while leaving the 
heading markings intact?

I searched the help file and the manual but couldn't figure out how to 
do this.   Thanks!


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