Thanks for the speedy replies!

Peter Gold wrote:
> Hi, John:
> Search for "Changing format overrides to new formats" in Help.
David Creamer wrote:
> In Word, the styles have a space in the (Heading 1), while in Frame, they
> don't (Heading1). Did you rename the Word styles to match the Frame tags?
> You might not be seeing overrides, but added styles/tags not in the catalog
You were both on to something.  

I went through and changed the format overrides to new formats as 
suggested by Mr. Gold, but (thank you Microsoft) that came out with 
about 100 (literally) different "Normal" formats (Normal1, Normal2, 
etc), about 10 "Heading 11" formats, etc etc.  

So, I went back to the original Word document and Mr. Creamer was 
exactly right--the Word styles had a space in them.  I tried to rename 
the Word styles, but whenever I would rename them, they would come out 
"Heading 1, Heading1".   This reminded me why I had moved to Framemaker 
in the first place :-)  

I gave up on that approach and realized that while the imported formats 
like *Heading 1 and *Normal were indicated in the window whenever I 
selected that text, they did not show up in the Paragraph Format 
catalog, nor did they show up in any pull down lists.  However, using 
the Global Update Options in the Paragraph Designer, I was able to 
manually type in the name of the Word format I wanted to replace into 
the "All Tagged:" box, replace all the "Normal" styles with the Body 
format (etc.) and that worked!

Thanks to everyone, I'm sure I will have many more questions :-)


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