I received a reply that suggested using Arabic numerals throughout
rather than worrying about different schemes. Being a relative newcomer,
I have clung to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) way like a drowning
man to a life raft. Thinking about it now, I see that numbering front
matter in roman may be nothing more than a historical artifact.

When, in the "old" days, we wrote text and paginated it by hand before
the front matter was ready, we could not know how many pages the front
matter would have. We had to start our text numbering at 1, and set a
different numbering scheme for front matter.

Why do that now with a book that may never be put to paper? Instead, use
sequential numbering starting with the Title page as 1. To preserve the
style of front matter, perhaps use roman numerals, but then allow the
first page of text to be something other than 1.

Would readers care? Would someone else be upset?

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Good morning, all!

Acrobat/PDF 7 has a feature called logical page numbering. This allows
you to display the PDF page numbers starting with 1 as the first page,
and also the document's page numbers, starting with whatever number is
on the first page (usually i). This accounts for front and back matter
in a book. The document page number appears in the page display at the
bottom, followed by the PDF number in parentheses.

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