One reason is to adjust text pagination, for final revision. 
Overriding keep-with, widow/orphan, start-position, and some other 
properties of paragraph formats may be necessary. However, it's easy 
to manage or restore original formatting by one or more of these 

* Save a pagination-only copy of the file
* Reapply the catalog definitions of the paragraph formats by 
importing them from the "current" document to itself, or by importing 
them from a master template, with Remove Manual Page Breaks, and 
Remove Other Format Overrides both turned on.

An alternative approach is to create dedicated variations of 
paragraph formats; this means more formats to manage, and no easy to 
revert the custom tweaks, aside from having saved an untweaked copy.

>There is no reason why anyone *needs* to use overrides, really. It's a
>matter of want and the lack of understanding to know any other way
>around the problem (or lack of thought or planning to avoid the


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