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> I'm not sure I'd call this the "ultimate redefinition solution" because
> it completely ignores the fact that there should be some underlying
> *reason* why you need to present a word or phrase in boldface (or
> italic or whatever).  A large segment of the people responding to the
> original survey question indicated that they use multiple character
> format names that all produce a boldface result, because the
> different tag names allow them to capture some semantic metadata
> about what makes the word or phrase special.

Of course, the kind of person who uses CTRL+B to get the bold
characteristic onto text doesn't care about metadata, so it all
depends on your audience.  This solution would be good enough for
them, though it might not be for others.  And there's always an
underlying reason to apply bolding or italics...some people don't care
whether that reason is made obvious in the way that metadata makes it.

Moreover, it would be simple to use scripts to assign your entire
format catalog to keyboard shortcuts.


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> > I've redefined over 60 shortcuts so they open a catalog instead
> > of creating an override.
> Of course, IMO the ultimate redefinition solution is to redefine the
> shortcuts so they apply character and/or paragraph formats.  What
> could be simpler than redefining CTRL+B to apply a bold character
> format?  This could benefit both novice and experienced writers alike.
>  I'm surprised this functionality isn't built into Frame, or at least
> into Framescript (I haven't delved into the latter deeply enough to
> discover it, if FS does indeed  possess this functionality).
> --Doug
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