Hello all experts,

I have trouble pasting Lithuanian doc-text into a FM document. The
present procedure is as follows:

1. I receive a Lithuanian doc-file, the font being shown in Word as
Times Roman
2. I save file in rtf-format
3. I change font to Arial Unicode MS
4. I copy the text in Word and use the "paste special" option in the
English version of the text in FM (as rich text format or text).
5. I change fonts to Arial Baltic / Times New Roman Baltic which ever

Some time it works, but more often than not I lose the special
Lithuanian characters which are replaced by question marks in FM.

Could any of you suggest a simple solution to this?  What I should like
to avoid is to import the entire Lithuanian file, having to reformat it

For your information, I work in an English version of FrameMaker
7.0p492 on a Danish version of Windows XP. 

Many thanks
Lisbeth Nielsen

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