No, there is no way of controlling the font that
FrameMaker uses for the text in what is called
the bleed and slug areas (the area outside the
logical page). In the current version of
FrameMaker Windows, it is Times New Roman. (In
earlier versions, I think that Times Roman was

No the PostScript driver is not putting any
reference information into the output.

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> Subject: font of text above crop marks
> Does anyone know how to control the font that 
> Framemaker uses for text ABOVE the cropmarks?
> I have a custom page that is smaller than A4. I 
> tick Western cropmarks at the print dialog. So 
> far, so good. However, when I view the output (in 
> Acrobat) the reference text above the crop marks 
> (file name, date etc) appears in Symbol font, 
> with Greek characters replacing the standard Latin.
> Is it possible that the reference info is being 
> inserted by the postscript driver, rather than Framemaker?
> Also, does anyone know how to view the area above the crop 
> marks in Framemaker?
> any ideas welcome.
> Patrick Scully, Director

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