At 1:53 pm +0200 23/1/06, Anita Burstein wrote:

>I am having a problem with conditional text, cross-references, and a file 
>shared between two books.
>Why does this happen and what can I do?
>Thanks for any solutions or advice!

Anita - it may depend on how you are storing your book directories, but I have 
not fully got my head round how you say you are organizing the files. Afaik 
FrameMaker can only resolve pathname indirection to the next higher level of 
directory. If this sounds like gibberish, save one of your files as MIF and 
then look in the MIF for a reference to an imported file and you will see what 
I mean. It may all rather depend on what you mean by 'each book is saved in a 
separate directory' - how are the directories related to each other?

If other factors allow it, it may be that you can get round this problem by 
saving all the files for both books in the same directory. The book files 
themselves will allow you to keep the required separations. It's worth a try as 
an experiment, at any rate.

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