Dear all,

May I announce version 1.3 of a utility which allows FrameMaker users to create 
bibliographies with EndNote?

Since version 5 when EndNote supported the MIF scan FM users were left out from 
the benefits 
of a bibliographic database handled by EndNote.

Version 8 of EndNote introduced Unicode support and hence it needed some tricks 
to bridge the 
gap between FM and EN - which is the pupose of the utility FM+EN.

The utility is not yet in its final state, but already useful:

- You can place an arbitrary number of temporary citations into
  Frame documents with CTRL+y
- You can replace the temporary citations in a frame maker document (not a book)
  with formatted citations according to the format selection in EndNote
- Insert the formatted references into FrameMaker by paste special RTF.

See for a more complete description.

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