At 10:08 am -0500 25/1/06, Bernard Aschwanden wrote:

>In a total and self promting way, consider getting Advanced FrameMaker (I have 
>copies of the book) as there is a stellar, well thought out, well written, 
>feature rich, intelligently designed (ha-ha) chapter just on generated files. 
>Oh ya, I wrote that one :D

...but not if you're in the UK. Murray, fortunately for him, is not.

This book retails at $49.99 (?28) in the US, but Amazon UK list only used 
copies that start at ?88.70 ($158).

Amusingly, the user books section of the Amazon US site lists two sources: one 
at $24.99, the other at $198.37.

Perhaps Amazon should vet its partners better.

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