At 9:28 am -0700 25/1/06, Combs, Richard wrote:

>If that's really true, you're doing something seriously wrong. The whole
>point of adding an autonumber to a paragraph tag definition is so that
>it will -- you know -- automatically have a number. Are you really
>manually adding numbers? If so, you don't have autonumbers, and you need
>to read pp. 113-122 of the User Guide.

It's just possible that Murray may be 'adding' the numbering to his TOC by 
defining autonumbers in the TOC's para tags, suggested by:

> > I have created a paragraph numbering tag for each type of
> > heading in my chapter ToC, e.g. toc12 is <$chapnum>.<n=0>.

I recently came across this in someone who didn't fully grasp the idea of 
constructors in the TOC flow on the reference pages. And it's hard to explain 
to them why it's not a good idea, because it works, sort of  ;-)

Murray: as other have said, FrameMaker can add numbering to any para for you 
automatically, then pick up the text and the number of the para for use in the 
TOC. You do the former by setting up the numbering in the paragraph's Numbering 
dialog in the Paragraph Constructor, and the latter by correctly defining the 
corresponding paragraph tag on the reference page of the generated TOC file 
that contains the TOC flow (see Bernard's mail).

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