FWIW, the technique I use and have disseminated to all the 
other writers in my group is this:
- in the same directory as your book file, make a copy of each 
  generated file template using the expected name (for example, 
  booknameTOC.fm and booknameLOF.fm)
- use the book file's "Add" menu to add the generation details
  (tags to collect, etc.) for each type of generated file; when 
  FrameMaker prompts you to update the book after adding 
  each of these file, decline that option.
- when all generated files have been added, update the book

It saves the time it takes to do the initial update/generate pass,
which can be substantial for large books or documents that 
have graphics pasted into them instead of referenced.

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Oh yeah I save them. In fact, when I'm initially creating a generated
file, I do the trick of generating, saving, overwriting the file with my
own template file, and then regenerating. 

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