Joe Malin wrote: 

> I'm trying to update a book with several files in it. One 
> file has only one page in it. I set the pagination properties 
> in Format > Page Layout
> > Pagination to "Make Page Count Even" so it will add an extra blank
> page. But every time I update the book, this file is set back 
> to a single page.

It's not necessary for all book components to have the same pagination,
as someone else suggested. But it _is_ necessary that they be logically
compatible. First, make sure all the book's files are set to Double
Sided. Then, check the 1st Page Side settings of the LOT, the file
preceding it, and the file following it -- are these settings consistent
with each other? 

You can't, for example, set the LOT to start on a right page, have an
even page count, and be followed by a file that starts on a left page.
If you do, FM has to ignore one of your settings, and I'm not sure which
one it will drop (maybe not the same one every time). 

And as someone else mentioned, after you generate/update, you _are_
saving all the files in the book, right? 


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