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>If I were you, I'd ping Jeremy at Omsys, publishers of MIF2Go. If
>anyone knows or could do it, they'd be the guys...

Thanks, Art!  The short answer is "No".  You cannot convert
Frame .fm files to .mif *without* running FrameMaker.  It
would be a violation of the DMCA to do so, since .fm is a
proprietary binary format you'd have to reverse-engineer.
Don't do it.  ;-)

That said, if you want to convert bunches of .fm files
to .mif using FrameMaker, the easiest way is with the
Mif2Go plugin.  This feature is fully usable in the Demo
version, both technically and legally:

MIF is one of the supported formats listed when you
use Mif2Go; you can save to a different directory,
and still have a MIF file (with an .fm extension
if you want) that will load correctly in the original
directory, which is not the case if you SaveAs MIF
in Frame itself.  (Frame changes any relative paths.)
This is what you want if you are archiving the MIF
in CVS, Subversion, or some other SCCS; that's what
we designed the feature for.  And as with all other
formats, you can convert a book with one command.


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