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>  The question is very interesting. I think that reverse enginieering of
>binary formats is quite a common practice. At least, I heard that first
>version of MS Word read Word Perfect files, MS Excel -- Lotus files, etc.

Um, that was before DMCA was enacted.  And I was one of the
chanting demonstrators outside Adobe's San Jose HQ, who 
convinced them to stop persecuting Dmitri.  ;-)  Got the
t-shirt to prove it (it was only given to demonstrators).  

But for Frame, it's way less interesting, because there
really isn't anything in the .fm that's not in MIF, except
for trouble.  MIF is guaranteed back-compatible; .fm is
guaranteed to change with every version, and is never back
compatible.  Using MIF is a no-brainer.  We've only had
one customer who was getting .fm files from a vendor and
didn't have FM themselves; we told them to buy a copy.  <g>
They could afford it; they were a state government agency.

You might think running in a build environment would be
a reason.  But then look at our free runfm utility, which 
does that job using COM to run a copy of Frame remotely.
I don't see any other need for processing .fm files...

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