Steve Rickaby wrote:
> At 15:11 +0100 4/7/06, Marcus Streets wrote:
>> How do I tell Frame that an element is an inline and should not be put
>> into a new paragraph but only have character level formatting?
> Give it a text format rule of 'Text range'. For example:
>> Element (Container): Emphasis
>> General rule:        <TEXT>
>> Exclusions:  Graphic
>> Text format rules
>> In all contexts.
>> Text range.
>> Use character format: Emphasis
> Here the element and the character format have the same name. I find this 
> less confusing, but I'm like that.
> FrameMaker 7.0 is fine unless you either hit one of the bugs that were fixed 
> in 7.1 (no idea what they were) or need the XML smarts introduced in 7.2.

OK I am not going mad - just going mad.
I was wondering why this was not working - I had a capitalisation
problem - the element was being imported as function not Function.


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