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>I have the infamous error message in my Distiller:
>% [ Warning: The following Names in Name Tree Dests were defined more
>than once ] %
>I simply cannot clean up these files (in FM 7.1p116/WinXP).
>I have tried

This message can be generally ignored (unlike the message about missing 
destinations, which is no longer displayed by Distiller 6 or 7).

Occasionally, FrameMaker writes the destination (or link) for the same 
object or marker more than once. Only the first uniquely named destination 
is registered; other destinations with the same name are not stored or used 
-- hence these duplicate destinations should not affect interactivity 
(but... do test interactivity in the PDF, recommended in all cases).

[Other than being related to a FM bug, multiple named destinations with the 
same name will be written to the .ps file when there are multiple copies 
specified in your Print dialog box or when identical newlink hypertext 
markers are present in the same FM file].

>I CANNOT use the optimize feature. It just fails. It says it cannot ...

"Optimization" sounds nice, but this process -- even when "successful" -- 
is best avoided (as it does not remove all redundant destinations, but 
damages some destinations which are required). There are too many FM->PDFs 
out there with bad links which can demonstrate this (as well as some of the 
files provided with FrameMaker).

Shlomo Perets

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