Hi Kay...

I haven't looked into this much, but I believe that the limit is in the 
FrameMaker UI, not the underlying marker support mechanism. 
Programmatically, you can add many more than 255 characters to a marker 
(try adding more content to the marker as a MIF, then re-open in FM and 
you'll see all of the content). However, if you generate the index in 
the usual manner, it only recognizes the first 255 characters.

It should be possible to make a plugin that can process longer entries 
and generate an index, or if you're using structured FM you might be 
able to process the markers outside of FM to create the index.

If there are just a handful of entries that are exceeding the limit, you 
could use unique codes in the index entries then search on those codes 
in the generated index and replace them with the expanded content 
(perhaps using variables).

If your client is interested in developing a plugin, give me a call and 
we can talk more about the options.



Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Kay Ethier at Bright Path wrote:
> Hi all:
> Anyone have a workaround/plug-in for FrameMaker's limit on # of characters
> that can be typed in a marker?  We have a client with markers with EXTREMELY
> long index entries... This is not multiple entries, it is single entries
> that are not fitting in a marker.
> Thank you,
> Kay
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