Hi Ron,

I'm in the same boat- just starting out creating some contextual help using 
Frame 7.1 and WWP (actually ePub Pro). I also find the documentation available 
woefully inadequate on both sides...very frustrating.

Anyways, not sure what you mean about "generating" topic alias markers. My 
understanding is you just physically insert them in your frame docs- 
Special->Marker, create a new marker, and put in any unique id. Here's what the 
WW help says:

1. Navigate, in your source document, to the topic or paragraph that will be 
used as the Help topic. Most often, this is a heading paragraph that has a page 
break defined in WebWorks ePublisher Pro; however, you can choose any paragraph 
in your source document.
2. Insert a TopicAlias marker in the topic or paragraph using the topic ID as 
the marker value. To do this:
3. Place the insertion point at the beginning of the topic or paragraph.
4. Go to Special ? Marker.
5. In the Marker Type drop-down menu select Edit...
6. Name the marker TopicAlias and click Add.
7. TopicAlias should now be the specified Marker Type. Place the topic ID for 
the Marker Text.
8. Click New Marker.
9. Save the document(s).
10. In your WebWorks ePublisher Pro project, scan your documents and generate 
your project.

Let me know if this isn't what you need...


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OK, so I need to generate topic alias markers in Frame, and I've never 
had to deal with this in the past. Since this is how you generate 
context-sensitive help, I would have thought it would be fairly well 
documented, but after checking the Frame Help and my FrameMaker 
reference book, I was surprised to find that there was not a line of 
instruction on how to do this.

I did find some instructions on the WebWorks side, but I want to be 
certain I'm using the correct syntax. Do I simply make up a numbering 
system, then insert a TopicAlias mark with a new number next to each 
topic title for which I want to supply context help?

I'll deal with WWP side on their list, but please let me know how to get 
started with this on the Frame side.



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