This really is a WWP matter, even though you create the markers in FM. The
WWP 2003 help has a lot of information about this process. I suggest you
start with the topic called "Overview of context-sensitive WebWorks Help."
This topic has links to other topics with related information.

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OK, so I need to generate topic alias markers in Frame, and I've never
had to deal with this in the past. Since this is how you generate
context-sensitive help, I would have thought it would be fairly well
documented, but after checking the Frame Help and my FrameMaker
reference book, I was surprised to find that there was not a line of
instruction on how to do this.

I did find some instructions on the WebWorks side, but I want to be
certain I'm using the correct syntax. Do I simply make up a numbering
system, then insert a TopicAlias mark with a new number next to each
topic title for which I want to supply context help?

I'll deal with WWP side on their list, but please let me know how to get
started with this on the Frame side.



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