I am trying to enhance some FrameMaker curriculum documents by adding
links to online activities. Each link will read as follows: "Launch
Workbook Activity X.y: 'Activity Name'"

I've set up a Paragraph Style that generates autotext for the first half
of the desired active text ("Launch Workbook Activity X.y"). This
autonumbers as well, so that "X.y" is filled in with the lesson number
(X) and the activity number within the lesson (y). 

So far, so good. However, when I add the hypertext marker (right at the
start of the manually-typed text), only the manually typed text
("Activity Name") becomes an active hyperlink. This is true even if both
the manually typed text and the autotext are set to the "Underline"
character format. 

Does anyone know of a workaround to this problem? I would really like
the entire text string to be active, without losing the benefits of

- Eileen Anderson
Manager of Curriculum Editing & Desktop Publishing
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