Well, once again I have neutrino-sized particles of bandwidth with which
to investigate structured Frame.

I have chosen to start with DocBook rather than DITA, just because I've
worked in structured Frame with a DTD that was based on full DocBook.

Question is, which version of DocBook should I use in order to get the
most leverage from the resources included in Frame 7.1 (note the

Any advice? And yes, I *know* that DITA is the "way to go". I'm not even
committing to do structured Frame in production; I just want to

I have already written some production docs in unstructured FM 7.1,
sticking like glue to my own standardized templates for *everything*
(including equations!). My initial thought is to convert these
unstructured docs to structured by crafting an EDD based on the
unstructured templates.


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