If you conditionalize any cross-references, it is virtually inevitable 
that you will get "unresolved" errors when you do an update book
operation with some condition(s) set to be hidden, regardless of
the dictates of your company's SQA rules. 

When FrameMaker does a book update, it check's *all* cross-
references, even if they are hidden. The hitch is that if the target
(source) of the x-ref is also hidden, FrameMaker reports the link
as unresolved. The only way to avoid this is to never conditionalize
cross-references. If that's not possible, your SQA rules will just 
have to be modified to accept a list of exceptions for 
cross-references that are reported as unresolved for a particular
set of show/hide condition settings. Checking for unresolved
x-refs with all conditions showing establishes that all the x-refs
are good, and you should then be able to document that the 
"bad" ones that are reported in the Book Errors windows when 
you publish any given conditionalized version are due only to
hidden x-refs

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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Framemaker 7.1, all patches, Windows XP.

I have a 12 file book that whenever generated gives the same single
message - unresolved cross-reference in a particular file in the book. 
When I click on the error message in the Book Error Log, however, I
"jump" to the same location all of the time - sometimes it's page 1, 
sometimes page 10, etc. and sometimes, I get that unable to find the
in the file message. I have spent 4 hours trouble-shooting this guide to

no avail! Since this is a container file for text insets and I use 
conditional text, I have done the following:

I have manually checked each and every crosss-reference in the container

file itself with all conditions turned on and no unresolved x-refs are 
I have manually checked each and every text inset in the container file 
with all conditions turned on and have found no unresolved x-refs.
I have generated a PDF of the file and checked each and every x-ref for 
the 'dead link' syndrome and all links work as expected.
I have used search and find on the container file with all conditions 
turned on and I get the message that no unresolved x-refs are found.
I have used search and find on the text inset book and have even opned
text insets themselves in the container file and used search and find
I get the message that no unresolved x-refs are found.
In frustration and desparation, I even searched for all x-ref markers in

the file and found no errant markers.

At this point, I am stumped and at a complete loss. The only reason that
am being so anal about this is that SQA rules dictate that the final 
version of any document checked in must be error-free and right now, I 
can't say that because I keep getting this single blasted error message.

Any and all advice, thoughts, suggestions (virtual sledgehammers) are 



Tammy Van Boening
Senior Technical Writer
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc.
tammy.vanboening at jeppesen.com

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