Jan Homan wrote: 

> Using pdfFLY (available on Unix, Linux and Windows) you 
> convert any graphics drawing saved in EPS to FrameMaker MIF 
> native format.
> Which will solve the jagged edges issue I think.
> See http://www.visual-integrity.com for more information.

Looks like a very nice, useful tool. But the way Jon phrased his
question, it sounded like he was saving line drawings (vector graphics)
as bitmaps and importing them (he mentioned fiddling with dpi settings).

Even if pdfFLY can convert a bitmap/raster image into a vector/line
drawing (which I doubt; that's a complex tracing process that usually
requires lots of human intervention and cleanup at some point), the
proper solution for Jon isn't to save a line drawing as a bitmap and
then convert it back into a line drawing. 


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