John Posada wrote:

> and in the same directory hierarchy as the original file and graphic.
> In otherwords, if the graphic was in a directory two levels removed
> from the FM document, you need to duplicate that sructure. I find the
> easiest way to do this is to zip up the directory and all
> subdirectories, then have the receipient unzip with the option to use
> folders selected.

Bruce Foster's Archive plug-in is also good for this purpose. It gathers 
all files, graphics, and text insets used in a book and copies them into 
a new folder (with sub-folders for the imported graphics and insets). 
That folder can then be zipped as described above. The advantage is that 
if your imports are stored in multiple places on your PC or on a network 
drive, you don't have to go hunting for them manually.

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