Why do you want TOC styles? This isn't clear. The TOC styles are
automatically created by FM in the TOC file itself; you use them to
format paragraphs in the TOC. You *don't* use them to include paragraph
tags from other files.

Basically, it goes like this:
1. You create a TOC using Setup Table of Contents, and include all the
regular paragraph tags from the individual files
   that you want represented in the TOC. So if you have ChapterTitle,
H1, H2, and H3 as paragraph tags for the chapter
   title and heading 1-3, you'd include those in the left-hand column.
2. When you generate the TOC, FM automatically adds these paragraph tags
to the TOC file:
3. FM also adds a reference page to the TOC file called "TOC". On this
page, it adds 4 lines that start out looking
   something like
   If you click in a line, you'll see that it has one of the paragraph
tags listed in the preceding step 2. 
   The line works like an autonumber format, and governs how an entry
will appear in the TOC. For example, if you put
   in the following line

   )<$paranum>)<$paratext>)  <Bold><$pagenum><Default Para Font>

   (the parentheses stand for tab marks)

   and then tag it with the paragraph tag "ChapterTItleTOC", then in
your TOC, the chapter title entries will start
   tabbed in from the starting point, and will consist of the chapter
number, the title, two spaces, and then the
   page number in bold.
4. FM maintains the association between an ordinary paragraph tag in
your files and its TOC entry by having the TOC
   entry's paragraph tag be <entryname>TOC. You can't change this. If
you change ChapterTitleTOC to UghTOC and then
   delete ChapterTitleTOC, FM will just automatically create another

As you can see, it makes no sense to have paragraph tags ending in "TOC"
in the Setup Table of Contents dialog box.

By the way, FM has a somewhat hidden shortcut for moving all the entries
from one column to another (Oracle calls this type of control a
"shuttle", and you "shuttle" an entry between columns using the shuttle
buttons.) Hold down the shift key, and then click the arrow key. This
will move *everything*. The best place to use this is in the Generate
Acrobat Data dialog box, to clear out the paragraph tags FM puts into
your PDF before you add what you want.

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Hi, guys...sorry for the long subject line, but..

OK...follow along..I have a book with 5 new files. They've had their
styles imported from a template file or previous product file.

When I generate a new TOC in the book, I get the Set Up Table of
Contents dialog, and all the styles appear in the Don't Include pane on
the right. What I'm trying to do is get the xxTOC styles to appear on
the left pane (Include Paragraphs tagged) without having to move them
over individualy.

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