Hi Ellen,

TOC's and Indexes will not typically be structured in Frame. When
considering the typical SGML/XML output for structured files, the focus is
on delivering content, not formatting. The headings & markers used in
creating the generated files are structured, but the TOC & Index simply
indicate pagination for your SGML/XML application, not necessarily what your
end-user's pagination will be. In other words, the TOC & Index could be
considered formatting info only, not content.

A structured book can require the TOC & Index, but the content of those
files will be unstructured, similar to the way an unstructured graphic
object can be wrapped within a Figure element.

I can't say this is the only way to handle your problem, but it's certainly
made my client's installations very straightforward.


Matt Sullivan 
GRAFIX Training & Consulting

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FM 7.2

Our chapters are all structured and have been for some time.

We are trying to finally bring structure to the TOC and IX. It looks like
the TOC is going to work, but each time we regenerate a TOC we have to run
it through a conversion table, so if anyone has a better solution, please
share it.

And now, for the index, there are whitespaces that seem to interfere with
the structure. The more pages there are references to, the more "untagged
text" tags we get. Is there anyone out there who has dealt with this before?
Or is thre a ready-made solution that we just don't know about?

Thanks for any help,
*Ellen Lebelle* (mailto: elebelle at kds.com)
Documentation Manager
Centre d'Affaires La Boursidi?re -- BP160
92357 Le Plessis Robinson -- France

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