We handle this in a way similar to what Matt described. When building the book, 
we wrap our unstructured TOC and cover page in a "TOC" and "Cover" element, 
respectively. Inelegant, maybe, but it works for us!

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> Hi Ellen,
> TOC's and Indexes will not typically be structured in Frame. When
> considering the typical SGML/XML output for structured files, the focus is
> on delivering content, not formatting. The headings & markers used in
> creating the generated files are structured, but the TOC & Index simply
> indicate pagination for your SGML/XML application, not necessarily what your
> end-user's pagination will be. In other words, the TOC & Index could be
> considered formatting info only, not content.
> A structured book can require the TOC & Index, but the content of those
> files will be unstructured, similar to the way an unstructured graphic
> object can be wrapped within a Figure element.
> I can't say this is the only way to handle your problem, but it's certainly
> made my client's installations very straightforward.
> -Matt
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> Hello,
> FM 7.2
> Our chapters are all structured and have been for some time.
> We are trying to finally bring structure to the TOC and IX. It looks like
> the TOC is going to work, but each time we regenerate a TOC we have to run
> it through a conversion table, so if anyone has a better solution, please
> share it.
> And now, for the index, there are whitespaces that seem to interfere with
> the structure. The more pages there are references to, the more "untagged
> text" tags we get. Is there anyone out there who has dealt with this before?
> Or is thre a ready-made solution that we just don't know about?
> Thanks for any help,
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