Hi Kristina,
try this
   1. Make the pagination for your heading go ?Across All and Side Heads?
   2. Anchor the table to a 2pt paragraph tag.
   3. Make the space above the table 0.0 pt.

Hope it works for you.

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I have a document with two columns per page, and I would like the table
cells to be aligned horizontally.
Above the table there is a heading which goes across the columns. If I
place the marker for the table immediately after the heading, the entire
table will only show in the left column. If I place the marker at the
line below the heading, the table appears in both columns but the table
cells are not aligned horizontally.
Does anyone know how to align the table cells horizontally (so that the
horizontal table cell lines are placed in line with each other) when
using a 2-column layout?
I'm grateful for help.

Regards Kristina
Editor, User documentation


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