Kristina Olsson wrote: 

> I have a document with two columns per page, and I would like 
> the table cells to be aligned horizontally. 
> Above the table there is a heading which goes across the 
> columns. If I place the marker for the table immediately 
> after the heading, the entire table will only show in the 
> left column. If I place the marker at the line below the 
> heading, the table appears in both columns but the table 
> cells are not aligned horizontally. 
> Does anyone know how to align the table cells horizontally 
> (so that the horizontal table cell lines are placed in line 
> with each other) when using a 2-column layout?
> I'm grateful for help.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want a table that's one column wide,
but long, to wrap to the second column and have the rows in the two
columns line up. Personally, I'd rethink this table. If the heading
above it spans both columns, why not create a table that spans both
columns, too? 

If necessary, you could make it look like two tables side-by-side by
having an "invisible" middle column (no rules/shading) that's the width
of the gutter. 

If you don't want to do that, you can force the rows to align by making
the height of all rows fixed and the same. Select the rows, select Table
> Row Format, and set the Min and Max to the same value. 


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