You can't make CHMs with WWP Standard, however you can take the HTML
output and use any Help authoring tool to compile the HTML from WWP
Standard into CHM. But, you will need to manually create a TOC and IX
for the CHM. If you're not creating Help often, this solution might
work (HTML Help Workshop is free from MS, and there are other free and
cheap (Shareware) HATs out there that you can use (if you don't mind
paying a minimal fee, you might want to use FAR from
Otherwise consider upgrading to WWeP Professional. But no, you can't
create CHMs directly with WWP Standard alone.

On 7/24/06, Rochelle Fisher <rochelle.fisher at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just got FM 7.2, after using FM 6.0 for years. In the last place I worked,
> I was using FM 6.0 with WebWorks Professional, and creating CHMs for online
> help.
> Now I have just convinced my new employers to buy FM, and I was sure that I
> could make a CHM for them with WW Standard...but it's not an option in the
> main menu!
> Has anyone made a CHM using WW Standard? Any suggestions?

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