Hi folks,

Windows XP Professional
Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional

I reinstalled FrameMaker 7.0p576 and said "Yes" to installing the 
Adobe Disteller 5.O. I can successfully "Save as" a PDF file, but when 
I try to print to the Adobe PDF printer, I get the following very 
helpful error message -- "An error has occurred."

I tried installing FrameMaker without the distiller, thinking that 
maybe it would use one from Acrobat, but FrameMaker could 
neither "Save as" nor print to the Adobe PDF printer. I got an error 
message saying FrameMaker could not find the distiller.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this so I can print 
from FrameMaker to the Adobe PDF printer?

BTW, I can't print to the Adobe PDF from Word either.

Thanks for your help.
Pearl Rosenberg
TeleHealth Services

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