To quote an authoritative Adobe employee who used to monitor
and participate on this list, the Distiller 5.0 installation included 
in the FrameMaker 7.0 distribution to run "bunny-stomps all over"
any newer version of Acrobat you might have had installed. In
other words, by letting the Distiller install run, you hosed your
current full version of the Acrobat suite. Your only option at this
point is to uninstall all Acrobat components of any version and 
then completely reinstall your current Acrobat 7.0 Professional 

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Hi folks,

Windows XP Professional
Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional

I reinstalled FrameMaker 7.0p576 and said "Yes" to installing the 
Adobe Disteller 5.O. I can successfully "Save as" a PDF file, but when 
I try to print to the Adobe PDF printer, I get the following very 
helpful error message -- "An error has occurred."

I tried installing FrameMaker without the distiller, thinking that 
maybe it would use one from Acrobat, but FrameMaker could 
neither "Save as" nor print to the Adobe PDF printer. I got an error 
message saying FrameMaker could not find the distiller.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this so I can print 
from FrameMaker to the Adobe PDF printer?

BTW, I can't print to the Adobe PDF from Word either.

Thanks for your help.
Pearl Rosenberg
TeleHealth Services

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