Diane Gaskill wrote :

> Aloha Framers,
> I have a numbering challenge for you Frame experts out there.  For
> reasons that would take a while to explain, I need to set the table
> numbering to
> pick up the level 3 heading number just previous to the
> table.  Now it's
> easy to pick up a level 3 heading such as 4.1.1 in the header
> by using the
> Running H/F variable with the definintion <$paranum[Heading 3]>, where
> autonumbering in the Heading 3 tag is definied as <n>.<n.>.<n+>.
> However, when I try to use that definition as part of an autonumbering
> definition, it does not work. Instead of the number, most of
> the definition
> is displayed, as shown here.
> Autonum definition                                    Display
> ------------------                                    -------
> T:Table <$paranum[Heading 3]>-<n+>            Table
> <$paranum[Heading 3]>-1
> T:Table <Running H/F 3>-<n+>                  Table 0-1
> T:Table <$Running H/F 3>-<n+>                 Table <$Running H/F 3>-1
> I can insert the system variables <$chapnum) or <$volnum>,
> and they work
> fine, but apparently they are th only system variables that work in
> an autonumbering defintion. 
> Is it possible to do this and if so, what did I miss in
> defining the autonum
> string?

Yes, it's possible, but not like this. You'll have to create a single
numbering stream for both headings and tables. 

If your headings are now defined as 
you can change this to 
H:<n>.<n>.<n+>< >
and your table definition is 
H:Table <n>.<n>.<n>-<n+>

The < > means that the number won't be displayed in your headings. 

Your numbering scheme would be a bit unusual, though. Using only the
chapter number is more common, IMO. 
H:Table <n>.< >.< >-<n+>

Harro de Jong

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