Aloha Framers,

I have a numbering challenge for you Frame experts out there.  For reasons
that would take a while to explain, I need to set the table numbering to
pick up the level 3 heading number just previous to the table.  Now it's
easy to pick up a level 3 heading such as 4.1.1 in the header by using the
Running H/F variable with the definintion <$paranum[Heading 3]>, where
autonumbering in the Heading 3 tag is definied as <n>.<n.>.<n+>.

However, when I try to use that definition as part of an autonumbering
definition, it does not work. Instead of the number, most of the definition
is displayed, as shown here.

Autonum definition                                      Display
------------------                                      -------
T:Table <$paranum[Heading 3]>-<n+>              Table <$paranum[Heading 3]>-1
T:Table <Running H/F 3>-<n+>                    Table 0-1
T:Table <$Running H/F 3>-<n+>           Table <$Running H/F 3>-1

I can insert the system variables <$chapnum) or <$volnum>, and they work
fine, but apparently they are th only system variables that work in an
autonumbering defintion.

Is it possible to do this and if so, what did I miss in defining the autonum




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